Tezos Foundation strengthens support of developers

Following the expansion of the Board, the Tezos Foundation is strengthening its cooperation with the core development team and is providing additional resources and help to support and expand the team. Furthermore, the Foundation has formed a partnership with the OCaml Software Foundation to fund the «Learn OCaml» project at Inria.

The Tezos Foundation is intensifying its efforts to advance its primary objective, the promotion and development of the Tezos protocol. To do so, the Foundation is providing increased resources and support to expand the core development team of Tezos in Paris. This will further expand this world-class team to approximately 35-40 individuals. Recruitment is already underway.

Funds for «Learn OCaml» at Inria
The further development and a long-term success of Tezos requires a solid education of future developers. The Tezos Foundation is therefore committed to advance training of OCaml – the language on which the Tezos Protocol is based. For this purpose, the Foundation supports the project «Learn OCaml» at Inria, the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics. This is the first phase of a multi-year project and collaborative relationship.

«Learn-OCaml» aims to promote the usage and knowledge of OCaml in higher-education, with the objective of establishing OCaml as a mainstream programming language. The program will strengthen the implementation of the Tezos protocol and its ecosystem by helping to train talented OCaml programmers. It will include regular updates and executions of an OCaml Open Online Course (MOOC), animations of the OCaml teaching communities, foster the creation and sharing of educational content and design and implement a software infrastructure that is used for providing free self-training in OCaml for students and engineers. «Learn-OCaml» has been designed as a 5-year program.

The Tezos Foundation is also committed to the funding of world-class research that will support the Tezos protocol and ecosystem. Exploration of these opportunities is ongoing with premier research institutions and more information will be announced soon.

Press Release: Tezos Foundation strengthens support of developers

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