Tezos Betanet Expectations

Betanet Expectations

In an effort to better prepare the community for the betanet, we would like to once again communicate expectations for this network:

  • The betanet is a functioning network. It is a preview of the Tezos mainnet and its full functionality.
  • During this experimental period, the intent is that transactions from the betanet will irreversibly persist into the mainnet.
  • The betanet is experimental and should NOT be used for important or high valued transactions.
  • The betanet will likely suffer unscheduled downtimes and experience emergency hard forks.
  • A broader mainnet launch will follow the betanet after it has sufficiently matured.

These actions will align with the project’s efforts to continue to improve the overall security and stability of Tezos.

A Note on Phishing

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information by impersonating a trusted party. We encourage every user to take all available safety precautions before interacting with the betanet. Always think twice before entering private key information anywhere. Any user (or software) that gains knowledge of private key information will have access to the tokens controlled by the corresponding public key hash.

More information about the protocol is available on the Tezos website: https://tezos.com.

Thank you,
Tezos Foundation

Release: Tezos Betanet Expectations

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