Where can a contributor complete the KYC/AML process?
Fundraiser contributors can complete the KYC/AML process at

Who is conducting KYC/AML?
The Tezos Foundation has partnered with a third-party enterprise-grade solution to provide KYC/AML services for fundraiser contributors.

How will the KYC/AML process work?
Fundraiser contributors must provide the specified personal identification documents as well as the public key hashes they wish to access in order to complete the KYC/AML process. The provided information will be used to verify contributors’ identities, and contributors will be notified after successful completion of the process.

Must KYC/AML be completed immediately?
No. If there are any difficulties in completing KYC/AML before launch, please be aware that this service will be available post-launch.

What is a public key hash?
A public key hash is a Tezos address that was created during the fundraiser. It is a string of numbers and letters starting with “tz1”.

Is KYC/AML required for contributors who donated through Bitcoin Suisse?
No. If a donation was made through Bitcoin Suisse, a KYC/AML check was already performed and the process does not need to be repeated on the Foundation’s KYC/AML platform.

What if a contributor does not have its public key hash?
A public key hash can be recovered from a private key. If a contributor is certain that it does not have its public key hash, it can contact [email protected].

Can the Foundation recover a seed phrase, password, or other information from the fundraiser?
A seed phrase and password were generated privately by contributors, on their own computers. For obvious reasons, the Foundation has no records of this information and thus cannot help contributors recover them.

What steps should be taken if the KYC/AML process cannot be completed?
Please take every appropriate measure to properly complete the KYC/AML process. A contributor must complete KYC/AML in order to receive an activation code corresponding to a given public key hash. If a contributor is currently unable to complete the KYC/AML process, please be aware that this service will be available post-launch.

What are the next steps after completing KYC/AML?
Fundraiser contributors who successfully complete KYC/AML will receive an activation code corresponding to a given public key hash. This code, along with the associated public key hash, seed phrase, and email and password chosen by the contributor during the donation period, will allow contributors to access and manage their recommended allocations. Further information about next steps will be provided on

What steps should be taken if an identity is wrongly flagged (“false positive”)?
The Tezos Foundation is using a leading global provider to check verified records against a number of global watch lists. Throughout the KYC/AML process, it is possible that some contributors may be incorrectly flagged as being included in one or more of these lists. If this happens, the contributor’s progress will be put on pause while its information undergoes further review to ensure correctness. There will be instructions on how to resolve a false positive on the platform should a contributor consider itself to have been wrongly flagged. Similar to the donation period, all instructions will be available in English only. The Tezos Foundation will only be able to provide support to contributors who are wrongly flagged.

Can an activation code be received without going through KYC/AML?
To conform to ecosystem and industry best practices we must obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each contributor who will be accessing its recommended allocation. Therefore, we regretfully cannot allow a fundraiser contributor to access its recommended allocation until it has properly completed the KYC/AML process and agreed to all terms and conditions.

When will activation codes be available?
Contributors who successfully complete the KYC/AML process prior to the betanet launch will not be provided their activation codes immediately. Rather, these contributors will be notified via email to sign-in to the KYC/AML platform to view their activation codes. It is anticipated that activation codes will be made available several days before launch.

Can KYC/AML be completed if a contributor lacks identification information?
In order to go through the KYC/AML process, fundraiser contributors must provide valid documentation as specified on the KYC/AML platform. Please be aware that this service will be available post-launch.

What should a contributor do if an activation code corresponding to a public key hash does not give it access to its recommended allocation?
If a contributor is unable to access its recommended allocation after successful completion of the KYC/AML process, it should re-enter the KYC/AML platform to confirm that it is using the correct activation code. Additionally, contributors should make sure that other information such as the public key hash and seed phrase are also entered correctly when attempting to access their recommended allocations.


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