Tezos Foundation Issues Grants to Community Organizations

The Tezos Foundation is pleased to announce that it has issued grants to the Tezos Commons Foundation (“TCF”), Tezos Japan Foundation, and Tezos Korea Foundation.

The Tezos Commons Foundation is a U.S.-based non-profit corporation that will play an active role in the advancement of the Tezos project by sponsoring meetups, educational programs, and other initiatives focused on empowering the Tezos community.

Japan and Korea are two of the most vibrant countries in the blockchain space. Engagement with these communities will be important for the growth of the Tezos ecosystem and its long-term success. The Tezos Japan Foundation and Tezos Korea Foundation will work within their respective locales to promote the Tezos protocol and educate developers, enthusiasts, and the greater business community about its technology.

The Tezos Foundation is committed to supporting community organizations in their efforts to help foster Tezos communities globally. These grants are the first that the Tezos Foundation has made since we announced a public call for grant proposals to go out in August 2018.

The success of any decentralized network is determined by the efforts of a robust, diverse, and flourishing community. We encourage all parties interested in forming community organizations, especially university-based groups, to apply next month. We will review and accept proposals submitted via this form for projects that are in need of more immediate consideration.

Here’s to the community,
Tezos Foundation

Press Release: Tezos Foundation Issues Grants to Community Organizations

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