Tezos Foundation strengthens support of developers

Following the expansion of the Board, the Tezos Foundation is strengthening its cooperation with the core development team and is providing additional resources and help to support and expand the team. Furthermore, the Foundation has formed a partnership with the OCaml Software Foundation to fund the «Learn OCaml» project at Inria.

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Tezos Board further expanded

The Tezos Foundation has unanimously appointed Olaf Carlson-Wee, Pascal Cléré, Marylène Micheloud and Hubertus Thonhauser to the Board. The new members are accomplished professionals, who will provide the Foundation with further expertise to advance its mission.

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Tezos Board reorganized

The Tezos Foundation has unanimously appointed Ryan Jesperson and Michel Mauny to the Board. The two new members will replace Johann Gevers and Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons, who decided to voluntarily step down to optimally support the Foundation in the advancement of its mission.

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Tezos Foundation appoints new board member

The Board of the Tezos Foundation has unanimously appointed Lars Haussmann as its third member. The Board will now update the Foundation’s operational and organizational arrangements and will continue working to advance its mission to develop and promote the Tezos ecosystem. More »

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