Tezos Betanet Logistics

The Tezos community, its developers, and the Foundation are all preparing for the Tezos beta network (“betanet”) launch. Fundraiser contributors who haven’t already checked their contributions or completed the Tezos Foundation’s identity verification process should do so now. This verification process can be completed either before or after the betanet launch.

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Preparing for the Launch of the Tezos Network

We’d like to begin by thanking the Tezos community for its incredible support over the past year. We have a number of updates to share today about the Tezos Foundation, development milestones and the planned launch of the Tezos betanet in Q2 and mainnet in Q3 of 2018.

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Tezos Foundation strengthens support of developers

Following the expansion of the Board, the Tezos Foundation is strengthening its cooperation with the core development team and is providing additional resources and help to support and expand the team. Furthermore, the Foundation has formed a partnership with the OCaml Software Foundation to fund the «Learn OCaml» project at Inria.

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